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Pet Cargo Cabrio - Assorted colors ( No Alien$ )

Pet Cargo Cabrio - Assorted colors ( No Alien$ )

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PHOTO is for illustration only, colors may varies. Or you may indicate which colour is preferred and we will inform if it’s available. 

In its own ultimate class, Pet Cargo Cabrio is a pet-and-people-friendly carrier system that combines superior safety features with ease of use for five-star pet accommodations on the go. Let's face it; traveling with your pet can be very stressful for the both of you. With Pet Cargo Cabrio you can rest assured that you are providing the safest, most comfortable environment for your beloved pet.

Ideal for those necessary vet visits when your pet is highly stressed, the Pet Cargo Cabrio has innovative features including its Opening Top Hatch which allows you to place and remove your pet from the carrier with ease. For added security, the Pet Cargo Cabrio can be secured in your vehicle with a conventional seatbelt.

Meeting airline regulations, your pet can go where you go.



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