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DREAMY Hard PLASTIC MESH (Not eligible for Alien$)

DREAMY Hard PLASTIC MESH (Not eligible for Alien$)


Subject to stock availability.

** If you need a different size or type, do contact us via Facebook message or email us.

** This hard plastic mesh is fragile and may break if drop on floor.

** Do note that the mesh is cut to size and thus the side may not be perfectly trimmed.

Do read of the Precaution Note.


Disclaimer: Alien Pet shall not be liable for any damages or incidents caused due to the use of this Litter box. Item is non-returnable and payment is non-refundable.



1) This litter box Plastic Mesh may not be suitable for the Rabbit with little fur on foot as it might cause sore hock (Placing a soft mat may help to reduce the risk).

2) Regular cleaning of the litterbox should be done to ensure good hygiene.

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