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Bunny Nature - Dwarf Hamster Dream Basic(No Alien$)

Bunny Nature - Dwarf Hamster Dream Basic(No Alien$)

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Bunny Nature - Dwarf Hamster Dream Basic
Complete Food for Dwarf Hamsters
Size: 600g
  • Mealworms
    High-quality supply with animal protein
  • Ideal particle size
    Ideal for hoarding
  • Without fruit
    To prevent diabetes
Oats, barley, plata millet, canary seed, pea flakes, corn, wheat bran, oat flakes, barley flakes, sunflower seed extracted, silver millet, rice, wheat, lucerne, carrots, chicken, red millet, grass seed, parsnips, dandelion herb, calcium carbonate, yarrow herb, ribwort, brewer's grain, sesame, camomile blossoms, linseed, carrot pomace, beetroot, brewer's yeast, herring meal, animal fat, inulin, marigold blossoms, mealworms (0,3%), chicken liver extract, dried whole egg, carob, salmon oil, linseed oil, lecithin, rose blossoms

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