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American Pet Diner

APD - Timmy Rabbit Pellets

APD - Timmy Rabbit Pellets

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American Pet Diner - Timmy Rabbit

naturally fresh ~ low in calcium ~ delicious & sweet

Our American Pet Diner Timmy Rabbit Pellets start with the freshest, sweetest and most nutritious timothy hay grown by our American Pet Diner farmers. Our expert small pet nutritionists then combine them with other quality ingredients, formulating to produce premium, nutritious and palatable diets designed specifically to meet the needs for your pet’s specific life stage and species as indicated in our Complete Nutrition Center program. Our pellets are made to provide just the right amount of fiber, protein and other nutrients to ensure the long term health and well-being of your small pets.

a complete pellet ration specifically designed for the adult, less active or over-weight rabbit
higher fiber and less protein to help reduce or maintain optimal weight.
helps support digestive health with higher digestive motility
highly palatable and contains Yucca to help control habitat odor

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