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Oxbow Enriched Life Variety Box (No Alien$)

Oxbow Enriched Life Variety Box (No Alien$)

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OXBOW Enriched Life Variety Box 

Contains 3 playful Enriched Life chews to nurture natural behaviors

  • Provides entertainment and prevents boredom
  • Safe chewing materials provide dental wear
  • Adds visual and tactile enrichment
  • Crafted with only safe and natural materials

Daily enrichment is essential to your pet's health and happiness! The Enriched Life Variety Box contains three natural instincts to chew, play, and explore. All Enriched Life accessories are uniquely designed to promote physical activity and mental stimulation while helping build that bond between you and your pets.

* Includes 1 x Oxbow Rattan Ball, 1 x Oxbow Timothy Surprise and 1 x Oxbow Flip & Roll

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