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Bosch High Premium Mini - Junior

Bosch High Premium Mini - Junior

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For rearing small breeds (up to an adult weight of 15kg), a specially-composed food is necessary, with a special kibble shape and size, as well as a balanced protein and mineral content.

MINI JUNIOR has been specially developed to suit these requirements.

Small breeds in particular may already begin to experience food intolerances during the rearing process. MINI JUNIOR is therefore produced without using grains containing gluten, and features a high protein quality, particularly due to the use of fresh poultry.

Mussel extracts support the development of cartilage and joints.

  • produced without grains containing gluten
  • with a lot of fresh poultry (min. 20 %)
  • with moderate protein content (26 %)
  • with mussel extract for cartilage and joints
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